EL SALVADOR: Ensalada de pollo

Some comfort food from a Spanish-language Salvadoran recipe site – chicken salad! While it doesn’t strike you immediately as a Latin American recipe, it’s very popular all across the region, particularly with added veggies (carrots, peas, and corn in addition to the standard chicken, egg, and potato mix).

I google translated the recipe, which actually worked pretty well since it’s a straightforward recipe. (Also, did you know Worcestershire sauce is called “English sauce” in Spanish?) The chicken is boiled in broth with garlic to give it extra flavour before shredding it.

This turned out fantastic – adding lemon juice, Worcestershire, and chicken broth to the mayonnaise made this a much richer and more complex dish. This is going to be my new potluck recipe – it seems like it can be scaled up easily too!

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