EL SALVADOR: More snacks

Found a few more snacks from El Salvador at La Tiendita! First set of Salvadoran snacks at this link.

Diana Lime Cornbits – A third flavour of corn nuts / elotitos! Strong, slightly artificial lime taste off the bat – kinda like a savoury version of lime Froot Loops? Pretty tasty, I like lime being used in all these savoury snacks and dishes!

Diana Alboroto Caramel Corn – “Alboroto” means something like “rampage” or “chaos”, and is also the name of a type of snack of puffed sorghum and caramel rolled into balls. This version instead is (maybe hominy?) corn kernels, dark red, and slightly (but not excessively) sweet. These are absolutely delicious, I’m trying to not eat the whole bag in one sitting.

Dangerously good caramel corn

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