EL SALVADOR: Salvadoran radio

I listen to music while I work, and I love using Radio Garden because it lets you use Google Maps to listen to live radio from anywhere in the world. I put on a few Salvadoran radio stations – since my Spanish is non-existent, I’m mainly looking for music. Here are a few fun ones I found:

The tower of San Vicente (source)

La Pregonera SV – La Pregonera (literally “the street hawker”) is a community radio station from the pretty little town of San Vicente. Their morning programming has a lot of upbeat and original remixes, including mixing beats and riffs from Top 40 songs with new vocals in Spanish (there was some Nirvana mixed into a pop-dance tune that I loved) or traditional Salvadoran music with dance beats. I had it on the background all morning while I worked. Listen live here.

Nixapa Club Radio – Midday programming on this online station based out of San Salvador is a skilfully DJ’d dance mix – no interruptions or ads as far as I can tell. There’s Latin, EDM, 90s, and Top 40 incorporated into the jam. Listen live here.

Progreso 90.5 – I don’t normally listen to Christian rock but this station caught my ear because despite everything being in Spanish, I could immediately tell it was Christian rock. It actually got me down a rabbit hole of why Christian rock is so distinctive sounding, no matter what language or country – turns out that the whole genre universally relies heavily on a specific chord progression (I, V, VI, IV) that is often meant to convey feelings of hope or optimism. Listen live here.

Agape Radio – A station with a wide variety of programming, including a lot of folk, ballads, and traditional music, interspersed with Catholic programs. This station has a neat history – Agape was founded in 1990 by a Catholic priest to help bring peace, education, and healthy outlets as the country began to recover from the Civil War. Listen live here.

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